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School Based Police Officer

Welcome Kyrra Wilson - School Based Police Officer (SBPO)

This new and expanded program creates an opportunity for Police officers to collaborate and build relationships with school leaders, community groups and agencies to support young people who are in need or at risk.

Our School Based Officer will be working alongside teachers to deliver a tailored education program which aligns to the Australian Curriculum in relation to health, safety, well-being and resilience.

The program is about improving our young people's understanding of community and safety issues.

In an emergency situation, we will continue to follow our emergency response plans, which may include contacting Police.

NHS Presentation Night

We are proud to announce that the Presentation Night is to be held on 14th December 2021 in the multi-purpose hall at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm kick-off.

The presentation night is all about recognising student achievements and endeavour throughout the year. This is our way of celebrating their effort and dedication in the company of families and community members.

School Council Meeting

The School Council Meeting will be held on the 2nd December 2021 at 6.00pm in the Nhulunbuy High School Staff Room.

Student Led Conferences

The Student Led Conferences are being held on Monday 15th November 2021 starting at 5.30pm and concluding at 7.30pm. This is a chance for students to share with you their strengths, efforts and hard work for this semester.

Please join us to celebrate your child's successes and accomplishments with the opportunity to meet teachers in person.

For parent teacher interviews for the senior school please book an appointment online via Compass.